Make your own avatar instructions!

How I made my avatar.

My avatar was created at

I created the avatar by selecting a new character, skin tone and age and then customizing the clothes, hair, eyes…etc. I followed the steps till the avatar was completely customized.

When you are done click “finish”, then click “JPG”, and then choose icon to save for a blog. Now save it to your computer.

Now that you have saved it to your computer open the avatar in MS Paint. Read the Edublogger link in Ms D’s Avitar post

It is important to crop your avatar to make it a rectangle. Cropping will help you get rid of any background that you don’t want in your avatar.
For directions on how to crop your avatar using MS Paint, go to this webpage and watch the short video it makes it very easy: .

After cropping then you can resize. Follow the MS Paint resizing directions by going to this webpage and watch the short video it makes it very easy: .

Resize your avatar to 97 by 97 pixels this will look best.

Now save your cropped and resized avatar back to your computer. I called it the same file name but I added edited to the title.

Now I had to go to the homepage of The Conch and find the link to register for the website. It was on the lower right hand side of the page. I signed up for the website using Ms D’s safety guidelines (name and social studies period only for ID) followed by pd. (mikenpd) I chose a password and I was done.

Now that I was logged into edublogs I followed the directions to upload my avatar to my profile. The directions are at this link: now scroll about half way down the page and look for the heading

1. Go to Users > Your Avatar or Profile > Your Avatar inside your blog dashboard
2. Click on Browse, locate your avatar on your computer and click Open
3. Now click Upload
4. Once uploaded select the part of the image you want to use as the avatar and then click Crop Image
5. Now whenever you leave comment on your blog or (another blog) your avatar will display with your comment.
6. If you don’t see your avatar press Ctrl and F5 at the same time to clear your computer memory and now it should appear.

Done. Have fun!

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